On Things That Rocked, Things That Sucked

For the uninitiated, one of my most prodigious projects was a series of reviews of Naruto that started after my enthusiasm for the series had reached a low point. Frustrated with the less than stellar execution of the story and inspired by critics such as Red Letter Media and Limyaael, among others, I began to think critically about just why I had become so disappointed with what had at one point been one of my favorite series. With my motives including a desire to find catharsis through writing and a chance to practice my writing skills, I began the project in earnest.

I initially considered this a chance to continue in the Plinkett mold, focusing mostly on the poorer parts of the series, but then I realized that doing so might poison my ability to think critically about the manga, so I decided to also bring up topics pertaining to the things that did work. After a while, I found myself done with seemingly every thing I had to say about the manga up to that point in time.

However, as time passed, I came to realize that I may as well finish the job I had started. In addition to waiting for the story to progress enough to continue my reviews, I decided that it might help to go back all the way to the beginning of the manga in order to see whether I had been blinded by nostalgia when criticizing later parts of the series. Eventually, after several false starts and periods when I couldn’t find the time, energy, or enthusiasm to write, I realized not only that the manga was near its end, but that rereading Part I had restored some of my enthusiasm for both the manga and the reviews.

Switching between reviews of Naruto and posts on other series, I was able to keep myself fresh, finally finishing with what turned out to be way too many posts about a kid’s fighting series to be considered mentally healthy. While pleased with the overall result, I also found myself somewhat less than impressed by how some of the reviews had come out (it doesn’t help that many of my posts were first drafts sometimes written right before being posted). Once I found out that there was a chance of them all being deleted as Naruto Forums upgraded itself, I decided to copy off the best posts and start posting them here.

This was a perfect opportunity not only to secure my posts, but to also rewrite and add to the original reviews. Those who are familiar with the posts should notice updates and upgrades minor and major, along with some new content as a reward for taking the time out of their schedules to check out the TTR/TTS series.

Of course, this format has extended beyond the series that spawned the initial posts, and I have written reviews for other series that I’ve come across. Perhaps I might even post them here later. Until then, to any readers who come across this blog, whether you loved it or hated it, thanks for even bothering to read the musings of a shiftless loser.


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