The Blog is Not Dead Yet

Just to let anyone reading this know, I’m still maintaining the blog. I’ve just been pretty busy with real life lately and haven’t had much energy to spare for writing. There is some good news though.

It won’t be long until I finally manage to finish off the TTR/TTS post for the Year of Sasuke. I decided to consolidate the various arcs that make up this period of the manga due to their common factors and how the ‘Year of Sasuke’ as a subject is fairly solidified in the minds of those who followed Naruto at one point or another. Hopefully, I’ll be pleased enough with what I write to publish the post sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of TTR/TTS, I’ve also begun work in earnest on a review of Season 2 of One Last God: Kubera now that the comic is on break until 2017. As always, there will be spoilers in the review, so if you do want to know whether I’d recommend the series, I will say yes, but with the caveats of needing to accept the often slow pacing and relative lack of action, among other things.

As for the rest of the Naruto reviews, fear not, for once I get past Pain’s invasion of Konoha, the reviews should be a lot easier for me to do as a result of not needing to write as much new material (not that I won’t make an effort so that readers find it worth their time to come here and not simply look at my old blog posts on Naruto Forums. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my continued descent into madness that was my experience making sense of a manga that gave me fewer and fewer reasons to enjoy reading it.

Until then, thank you to those who for some inexplicable reason think anything I have to say is worth even a moment of their time, and hopefully the next post will be up soon.


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