These are the random musings of a shiftless loser, because what other kind of person would devote more than ten seconds to analyzing and critiquing stuff like mainstream manga and other sorts of media.

At the current moment, I’m still in the process of copying my old blog posts on NF with the intention of perhaps rewriting or editing some of them due to noticing areas of possible improvement in what were originally posts created entirely as first drafts (some of which were little better than short essays written on the spur of the moment). This blog will (hopefully) update at least once a weekend when I have the time to actually post material here.

My primary interests originally lay in reviewing Naruto due to having grown increasingly disenchanted with the manga as it went on. Written primarily as a means of catharsis through letting out my various frustrations with the story, my thoughts were initially conceived as primarily comedic and an excuse to practice my critical reading and writing skills in an environment where there was little pressure.

However, as I continued to write, I found my early attempts at comedy lame (even more so than the stuff I come up with now) and my use of images amateurish to say the least. Furthermore, I also came to realize that while there was much I didn’t like about the series, there was also some stuff that I did think happened to be done well. Wanting to be a little more evenhanded and analytical in my reviews, I quickly switched gears.

While much of my focus remains on Naruto, I’ve also decided to give some thought to other works I’ve come across, finding free time away from work and other responsibilities (and my social life), and hopefully coming up with content designed more to amuse me than anything (although if it does actually provide some entertainment to others, well, good for them).


7 thoughts on “About

    • While I do read the series, I don’t follow it as closely as a big fan of the series would, so I don’t think I’d be able to do a review that’s anywhere up to my standards in that format, as well as one that would do One Piece justice. OP is a for the most part solid series with some great moments and some notable missteps (particularly recently), and something of its scale deserves a critic who is able and willing to put in that sort of work for it like I did for Naruto. Hopefully there are OP fans out there (maybe at the Arlong Park forums?) who have tried something like this at some point.


      • Gotcha. That sucks you’re not doing it. I really enjoyed reading each and every one of these arc review. The thing that frustrated me most was the wasted potential for Naruto. I’ll certainly be showing a Narutard this the next time they open their mouth haha. Anyways, when will the next arc review be coming out(I believe it’s the 5 Kate summit??)


      • Hopefully soon. My original reviews on NF serve as the skeleton for the updated ones I post on WP, and I said just about everything I wanted to say in the original review for the arc. I just need to find the time and energy to rewrite whatever parts need work and add to my original points as necessary, which also means going over the arc again just to see if I might have missed anything on previous readings.

        Thanks by the way for enjoying the reviews. I honestly appreciate that someone actually read and liked these random musings.


      • I understand you said that you don’t follow OP as close to naruto but I wondering what we’re you’re thoughts on the Dressrosa and Zou arcs specifically. The Five Kage summit review was to damn funny, especially about Sakura.


  1. @Quinmaster23: The former went on for way too long, and in some parts came off as a far lesser version of the Alabasta Arc from earlier in the story. It didn’t help that I couldn’t find myself liking that many of the supporting characters introduced during the arc, or that there was just so much being juggled at a time for so long. The Zou Arc was a short palate cleanser, and while nothing special, was decent enough.


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